PASSION: When I was young my father told me "if you find your passion you will never work a day in your life." Like so many young people I could not pinpoint what my passion should be. I sought out all different kinds of experiences in hopes of finding this utopian idea. I left a lucrative sales job at Tiffany & Co to start over in an entry level design job for an unknown start up, called and found contentment and happiness. I’ve enjoyed my journey to Creative Director for Client Command. I am blessed to lead a fantastic Ad Ops team dedicated to delivering Omni-Channel advertising. I haven't worked a day since.

I LOVE OLD PICTURES: I adore old pictures and if you have one I am happy to bring it back to life. I won't alter the fact it is supposed to look like an old picture as that is part of its charm. I will bring life to it.

MY SUNSHINE: It will make total sense why I chose "My Sunshine Studios" as my brand when I say it was born from the famous lullaby I sang to my son. A lullaby chosen by millions of mothers that elicits a magical moment they always want to hold onto. This is the destination I wish evoke in my work, it is that moment you want to hold onto.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I look forward to meeting you! Please note, I only take on one or two projects a year. One day, when I retire  I will do more...